Next-Gen HVAC Technology
Our advanced HVAC solutions are meticulously crafted to deliver superior efficiency, ensuring both residential and commercial spaces benefit from reduced energy consumption and substantial cost savings.
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Cooling Supercomputers
With our innovative solutions, data centers can unlock unprecedented efficiency and harness the immense potential for cost savings. Prepare to redefine your cooling strategy for the demands of tomorrow's tech landscape.
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Environmental impact
Driven by innovation and a deep commitment to the environment, our cooling solutions are not just efficient—they're the embodiment of a sustainable future. Dive into how we're revolutionizing the landscape of HVAC while reducing our carbon footprint.
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Making the world a cooler place

The Big Problem

Cooling Efficiency: A Game-Changer in Energy Strategy

The overlooked global urgency for air conditioners is set to triple the energy demand by 2050, equaling 10 new AC sales every second for 30 years. This rising tide underscores the critical need for enhanced cooling efficiency standards. By elevating these standards, we can significantly diminish the demand for new power plants, cut back emissions, and reduce costs, marking a vital move for global governments and sectors.


Our Technology

Appollo’s unique, patented centrifugal compression process will disrupt incumbent technology, save users money and show the world how to meet and exceed future efficiency standards.

Leveraging years of rigorous research and development, Appollo Wind Technologies has worked to pioneer an HVAC system that harnesses the power of centrifugal force for the compression and decompression of refrigerants. This innovative approach results in a remarkable up to 30% or more efficiency boost compared to the prevalent standard split systems.

Energy Cost Savings
of Up to


Or More

SEER Ratings
up to in the high


Or More

Total Patents


1 Pending

Centrifugal Compression

Utilizes the power of centrifugal force for the efficient compression and decompression of refrigerants.

Enhanced Efficiency

Achieves up to 30% or higher efficiency compared to standard split systems.

Superior SEER Ratings

With our patented technology, the unit can achieve mechanical SEER ratings up to in the high 20s or more, surpassing the industry standard of 14-18 SEER.

Eco-friendly Refrigerant Compatibility

The system's design allows compatibility with all available refrigerants, promoting environmental sustainability.

Lightweight Aluminum Design

Eliminates the traditional copper coils, resulting in at least 20% weight savings and reduced maintenance needs.

Reduced Maintenance

The absence of leak-prone copper coils ensures longevity and minimal maintenance requirements.

High-Pressure Tolerance

Designed to handle high pressures, enhancing its adaptability and performance.

Environmental Impact

The unit's efficiency and refrigerant compatibility offer significant environmental benefits, reducing the carbon footprint.


The enhanced efficiency ensures a reduced strain on electrical grids, supporting stable energy consumption patterns.

Environmental Impact

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Traditional refrigerants like 410A can trap up to 1000 times more heat than CO2 when released into the atmosphere. By leveraging its isothermal turbo compression, Appollo makes the use of CO2 as a refrigerant not just feasible, but environmentally superior, paving the way for decreased greenhouse gas emissions.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Conventional CO2 systems tend to be energy-intensive due to the heavier nature of CO2 gas. However, Appollo’s unique isothermal turbo compression technology addresses this challenge, making the system both efficient and eco-friendly, further reducing energy consumption and associated environmental impacts.

Solar-Powered Solutions

Many modern air conditioners, particularly those powered by solar energy, face the challenge of a significant start-up surge, which presents both financial and environmental costs. Appollo’s rotating turbo compressor eliminates this problem by allowing a gradual ramp-up. This not only makes the technology more feasible for off-grid and military applications but also promotes the use of sustainable energy sources in HVAC solutions.


All HVAC systems require “phase change” to operate. Phase change happens at predetermined temperature and pressure for a giving working fluid illustrated by the graphic below.

Incumbent technology compresses refrigerant which heats the gas requiring even higher pressures in order to change phase from gas to liquid. This is a near runaway scenario exemplified by the red line.

SOLUTION: Appollo’s patented technology expels heat during the unique centrifugal compression process. The result is that the refrigerant condenses into a liquid lower on the phase change curve saving in excess of up to 30% or more of energy.



Product concept development and proof of concept at Dartmouth College’s Thayer School of Engineering.


Product design optimization for mass production at Green Town Clean Energy Incubator facility in Cambridge Massachusetts in conjunction with Flextronic’s engineering staff.


Overcome challenges in mass production rotor brazing and develop manufacturing partner with AKG.


Durability testing in the field and lab to optimize controls and confirm efficiency data in a variety of conditions. 


Strategic Partnering, OEM Enablement and Licensing Appollo’s Intellectual Property.



Appollo’s HVAC system utilizes advanced technology, such as centrifugal compression and a patented design, to achieve unparalleled energy optimization and efficiency, setting it apart from conventional systems.

Our centrifugal technology enhances refrigerant compression and decompression efficiency. This not only reduces energy consumption but also minimizes wear and tear, ensuring a longer system lifespan.

Thanks to its precision engineering and high SEER ratings, Appollo’s HVAC system operates with significant energy efficiency. This translates to lower electricity bills and reduced operational costs for both homes and businesses.

Aluminum is lighter in weight and offers comparable heat transfer capabilities. By using aluminum, our HVAC systems are not only lighter but also less prone to issues like corrosion, leading to reduced maintenance needs.

Yes, our system is designed to be compatible with all market-available refrigerants, offering both flexibility and environmental benefits.

Our HVAC system is engineered for optimal efficiency, leading to reduced energy consumption. With the ability to use eco-friendly refrigerants and our commitment to sustainable materials, Appollo’s system is at the forefront of environmentally conscious cooling solutions.

Absolutely. Our systems are scalable and versatile, designed to meet the unique demands of both homes and businesses, ensuring optimal cooling and energy efficiency.

While standard systems typically range between 14-18 SEER, Appollo’s advanced HVAC can achieve mechanical SEER ratings up to in the high 20s or more, showcasing its superior energy efficiency.

Despite its advanced tech, our system is designed for user-friendliness and durability. Maintenance requirements are straightforward and, in many cases, even reduced compared to traditional systems.

Liquid cooling is more effective at dissipating heat than air, especially for high-performance computing. Appollo’s integration of this technology ensures optimal temperature management for data centers and supercomputers, leading to enhanced performance and component longevity.