January 14, 2011 — An Announcement from the CEO An Announcement from the CEO

I am very pleased to announce that we have been added to the Department of Energy's advanced research webpage. That along with accepting an invitation to exhibit our technology at the ARPA-E Innovation Summit in Washington DC on Feb 28-March 2 2011 is an exciting opportunity and excellent exposure for our company. It is described as a "high profile event for national leaders in the energy community." The event attracted more than 1700 top industry executives, innovators and investors last year. We look forward to being a part of this tremendous event.

Daniel Alride
Appollo Wind Technologies

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While there are many energy saving options in the HVAC world that are touting higher seer ratings they are almost exclusively dependent upon smart technologies to monitor usage patterns, scroll compressors and incorporating solar assistance. While these improvements certainly create energy savings they are essentially propping up an old technology. At AWT we have changed the way HVAC is done. By utilizing our patented isothermal turbo compressor we have increased efficiency and performance by changing the method of compression. That can take energy efficiency and energy savings as well and $$ saving to a whole new level.