May 27, 2015 — I wanted to briefly update you on what has been going at Appollo Wind Technologies, LLC (AWT) over the past several weeks.

Members, Partners and Friends,

I wanted to briefly update you on what has been going at Appollo Wind Technologies, LLC (AWT) over the past several weeks.

First, since late 2014, we have been working with contract manufacturer Flextronics (NASDAQ FLEX, to help design hvac products that use our patented isothermal technology and that are able to be mass produced in an efficient manner. this includes sourcing parts and developing methods to produce units in quantity with the end result a potential “in market” product with appropriate cost structures and energy efficiencies.

During this process, we believe the team has solved a number of important product hurdles. After looking at correcting rigidity issues and researching joining processes, we developed a modified “fan” design that solves many of the initial design structural weaknesses. The new design approach creates a unit with greater structural integrity while also allowing for use of more cost effective manufacturing processes. We also believe the new design supports the heat transfer needed to deliver the important product benefits from our technology. AWT and Flex will continue the work over the next few months to manufacture and test this new design.

In late May, members of AWT’s management team visited with Flextronics and a local Brazing company AKG ( to finalize our design as well as plan for producing not just our test units but larger quantities of our product. AKG provides important capabilities both in materials sourcing and brazing process that we believe will provide a key solution in AWT’s long term product manufacture. Produced units for next level testing are due back from Flex/AKG in the coming weeks. Timing largely depends on trial and error in the brazing process and how many runs it takes to perfect the process. We will soon share images of the new design after first making sure the changes made are protected from an intellectual property perspective. While we have the original patent in place for our original technology, the new patents submitted are still pending.

In preparation of receiving rotors our lab in Cambridge is preparing the motor and control systems to run the units. We expect to be further testing in Q3 at both Cambridge and in Flextronic’s Raleigh facility and will also use this period to demonstrate product capabilities to potential business relationships including potential Distribution partner Watsco. (NYSE WSO, Finally, AWT will be hosting a get together of Appollo partners at the Treasure Island Yacht Club ( on Thursday June 11th at 6pm. Our lead engineer from Boston, Peter Swett, will be in attendance for those who have not met him. In addition, we are hoping to have representatives from Flextronics also attend. This will be a great opportunity to get caught up with one another and meet the team. We will have something similar in Boston once we receive the rotors from Flex in the coming months.


Dan Alride
Appollo Wind Technologies, LLC

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While there are many energy saving options in the HVAC world that are touting higher seer ratings they are almost exclusively dependent upon smart technologies to monitor usage patterns, scroll compressors and incorporating solar assistance. While these improvements certainly create energy savings they are essentially propping up an old technology. At AWT we have changed the way HVAC is done. By utilizing our patented isothermal turbo compressor we have increased efficiency and performance by changing the method of compression. That can take energy efficiency and energy savings as well and $$ saving to a whole new level.