January 5, 2011 — Fostering Applicant Connections Fostering Applicant Connections

Appollo Wind Technologies, LLC has developed a new approach to the vapor-compression refrigeration cycle, substantially reducing the energy consumed for a given amount of cooling produced by implementing a practical device, the Isothermal Turbo-Compressor, for conducting vapor compression substantially isothermally, and simultaneously recovering latent work potential in the refrigerant fluid by expanding it isentropically.

Fostering Applicant Connections

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While there are many energy saving options in the HVAC world that are touting higher seer ratings they are almost exclusively dependent upon smart technologies to monitor usage patterns, scroll compressors and incorporating solar assistance. While these improvements certainly create energy savings they are essentially propping up an old technology. At AWT we have changed the way HVAC is done. By utilizing our patented isothermal turbo compressor we have increased efficiency and performance by changing the method of compression. That can take energy efficiency and energy savings as well and $$ saving to a whole new level.