April 24 2010 — Cambridge MA - Appollo Wind Technologies ("AWT"), as part opening its new research facility in Cambridge Massachusetts, has... Cambridge MA - Appollo Wind Technologies ("AWT"), as part opening its new research facility in Cambridge Massachusetts, has recently added two new full time team members to lead second stage product development and commercialization of its patent pending Isothermal Turbo Compressor technology.

Dr. John R. Hannon Ph. D. has joined AWT as Chief Operating Officer leading the research efforts in Cambridge. John joins AWT after recent experience as Senior Research Engineer at Mascoma Corporation and prior engineering experience with Tri-Mont Engineering and Schlumberger. In these previous roles, John specialized in biofuel engineering and the development and testing of new fuel and energy technologies. John's background includes nine years of military service culminating in his role as Captain/Commander in the Massachuesetts National Guard. His educational experience includes Graduate studies at Dartmouth College where he received his Ph.D. in Biofuels and Masters and Undergraduate studies in Chemical Engineering at Northeastern University.

Peter A. Swett has also joined the AWT team in Cambridge as Chief Technology Officer with key responsibilites also focused on product development and commercialization of the Isothermal Turbo Compressor technologies. Peter joins the team full time, having been an integral part of AWT's stage one proof of concept work at Dartmouth College. Prior to that, Peter worked as contract Chemical Engineer for Critical Fluid Technologies, Inc., a Boston based firm specializing in hydrocarbon and fluid dynamics projects. Peter brings a solid experience base working on Department of Energy funded research projects, an important part of AWT's stage two business plan. Similar to John, Peter's educational experience includes a Chemical Engineering B.S. from Northeastern University and a M.S. in Chemical Engineering from University of Massachusetts.

Both Peter and John will be working out of AWT's research facility located at 9 Camp Street, Suite 400, Cambridge MA 02140. Their efforts, along with AWT's new laboratory environment, represent an important next step in the development of AWT's proprietary technologies and business.

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While there are many energy saving options in the HVAC world that are touting higher seer ratings they are almost exclusively dependent upon smart technologies to monitor usage patterns, scroll compressors and incorporating solar assistance. While these improvements certainly create energy savings they are essentially propping up an old technology. At AWT we have changed the way HVAC is done. By utilizing our patented isothermal turbo compressor we have increased efficiency and performance by changing the method of compression. That can take energy efficiency and energy savings as well and $$ saving to a whole new level.